Additional troops will be assigned to protect the Polish-Belarusian border

Poland’s defence ministry announced it will send more troops to monitor the migration crisis on the border with Belarus.

As part of Operation “Safe Podlasie,” which will begin on 1 August, the number of troops deployed at the border will be increased to 17,000, as reported by the Defence Ministry.

A total of 8,000 soldiers will perform active tasks connected to border protection, while another 9,000 will remain in reserve. The new border assignments for Polish soldiers will last for six months.

The Polish-Belarusian border is witnessing an unprecedented attack with illegal migrant groups coordinated by special forces, organised by Russia and Belarus. The migration pressure and aggressive attacks on the border in the last months resulted in injuries and even fatalities among soldiers who protect the border. A deadly victim of the situation was a 23-year-old Polish soldier, Mateusz Sitek who was fatally stabbed by one of the intruders.

Poland will acquire 150 armoured military vehicles for border defence

In an urgent operational need, we will acquire 150 armoured military vehicles which will transport soldiers on the Polish-Belarusian border and protect them from various external attacks, said Deputy Defence Minister Paweł Bejda.

In a joint press conference with Mr Bejda, Deputy Defence Minister Cezary Tomczyk and Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army Gen. Wiesław Kukuła, the media were informed about the recent activities and presented plans to strengthen the protection of the Polish-Belarusian border.

We have started activities in the acquisition of 150 armoured military vehicles that will transport our soldiers and at the same time protect them from various external attacks. These vehicles will serve on the border. We will be acquiring them in urgent operational need,” Bejda said.


Photo: X @Straz_Graniczna

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