Cyprian Kamil Norwid died 136 years ago

May 23, 2019

Cyprian Kamil Norwid, a great Polish poet and dramatist, died 136 years ago today, on May 23rd 1883. Just listen to one of the most moving poems written on exile, expressing Norwid’s great longing for Poland – “Piosnka”/”My song”:

“For that land where a scrap of bread is picked up
From the ground out of reverence
For Heaven’s gifts…
I am homesick, Lord!…
For the land where it’s a great travesty
To harm a stork’s nest in a pear tree,
For storks serve us all…
I am homesick, Lord!…
For the land where we greet each other
In the ancient Christian custom:
“May Christ’s name be praised!”
I am homesick, Lord!…
I long still for yet another thing, likewise innocent,
For I no longer know where to find
My abode…
I am homesick, Lord!
For worrying-not and thinking-not,
For those whose yes means yes — and no means no —
Without shades of grey…
I am homesick, Lord!
I long for that distant place, where someone cares for me!
It must be thus, though my friendship
Will never come to pass!…
I am homesick, Lord!”


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