Do engineers change the world? Today marks #WorldEngineersDay

4 marca, 2023

The World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) came up with the initiative to establish an international engineering day – a holiday that will emphasize the role of the creators of technology and the importance of their work for society, to celebrate the contributions of engineers and engineering to sustainable development and modern life.

World Engineer Day is an opportunity to appreciate the role of the creators of technology and their achievements. It is also an opportunity to discuss the challenges faced by engineers.

It is celebrated annually since 2020. WFEO proposed March 4, which refers to the day the organization was founded in 1968.

At the World Congress of Engineers in Melbourne in 2019, which gathered thousands of participants, the World Federation of Engineering Organizations and UNESCO took the initiative to establish an international Engineer’s Day as a unique holiday to emphasize the role of the creators of technology.

WFEO has received huge support from the largest international and national institutions and universities, representing 23 million engineers around the world, including FSNT-NOT (Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations NOT, Polish Federation of Engineering Associations) which actively joined the celebration of World Engineer’s Day.

The Federation celebrates this holiday for the fourth time in cooperation with the Conference of Rectors of Polish Technical Universities (KRPUT) and the Academy of Engineering in Poland. In 2020, the Poznan University of Technology was a partner of FSNT-NOT during the first celebration under the slogan „Sustainable development”, which was devoted to the prospects of artificial intelligence and a reminder of the contribution of Polish engineers to the development of world civilization.

The outbreak of the pandemic caused that in the previous two years, the organizers decided to go online. In 2021, they held a celebration under the slogan „Healthy Planet” and last year’s festival, co-hosted by the Warsaw University of Technology, was held under the slogan „Let’s rebuild better engineering for the future”. Among the many issues raised about the contribution of engineers to the development of science, medicine, digitization, industry 4.0, energy transformation, the prospects for educating engineers for the future were discussed.

The celebration of World Engineering Day also promotes engineering as a career and presents the opportunity to change the world for the better.

In all countries, there is a great deal to be done – to deal with the impacts of climate change, environmental issues, our growing cities and the challenges of new technologies, including artificial intelligence. This is also one of the opportunities to engage with young people and encourage them to be part of the process of changing the world for the better.

This year is underlined by the motto „Engineering innovations for a more resilient world”. The central celebrations of the festival dedicated to the creators of technology are held in Paris on March 4, organized by UNESO, and in Madrid, organised byWFEO.

However, Poland celebration took place on March 3, traditionally organized by the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations.

The ceremonial celebrations was held at the headquarters of FSNT-NOT, in the Warsaw House of Technology and was inaugurated by two lectures given by outstanding specialists from the Warsaw and Poznan University of Technology. During the ceremony, the titles and distinctions obtained in the 29th edition of the “Przegląd Techniczny” plebiscite were presented. The plebiscite also awards the title of Honorary Golden Engineer to people who have achieved outstanding success in other fields.


Author: Patrycja Bodzek-Kurzyńska

Photo: liderzyinnowacyjnosci



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