Eight vintage “Maluch” cars head to Italy to commemorate the Battle of Monte Cassino

Ninety-four-year-old Polish racing legend Sobiesław Zasada is currently at the forefront of an expedition featuring eight iconic Fiat 126p cars departing from the southern city of Krakow bound for Monte Cassino in Italy. 

This endeavour marks the 80th anniversary of the intense WWII battle. Zasada, along with his team, intends to cover 1,700 kilometers over three days, with the ultimate destination being Italy, where they plan to participate in commemorative events.


These vintage cars, sporting the traditional red and white colours, are approximately 40 years old and have earned the affectionate moniker of “Maluch” (“Little One”), symbolising a cherished aspect of Polish heritage.

The expedition’s culmination will occur on 18 May, with a solemn ceremony at the Monte Cassino Polish War Cemetery. Here, the participants will pay their respects by laying flowers in honour of the brave Polish soldiers who fought and made sacrifices during the pivotal events of 1944.


The 80th anniversary of Monte Cassino serves as a poignant reminder of the heavy toll endured by Polish forces in securing a crucial victory during World War II,” remarked Zasada, highlighting the significant impact the battle had on Polish troops.


The Battle of Monte Cassino saw over 900 Polish soldiers lose their lives, with around 3,000 sustaining injuries and about 350 reported missing, all in the arduous effort to wrest control of the strategic monastery hill from German forces.

On 18 May 1944, following an exceptionally fierce struggle, soldiers from the Polish 2nd Army Corps successfully seized control of the hill, along with the monastery itself.


Image: X (@TVPWorld_com)

Author: Sébastien Meuwissen