Grunwald – one of the greatest battles of medieval Europe

July 15, 2020

The victory of the Polish and Lithuanian armies over the Teutonic Knights in the fields of Grunwald, Łodwigow and Stębark on 15th July 1410 was one of the greatest battles of medieval Europe. Over over 50,000 knights, infantrymen and gunners took part in the battle.

Every year since since 1998 in recognition of the Polish-Lithuanian victory the reenactment of the medieval battle takes place between Stębark, Grunwald and Łodwigow. Over 1,000 historic reconstructors come from Poland, Lithuania, Germany, South Africa and Russia. It is the biggest of its kind event in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe (gathered around 80,000 spectators).

Since 2014, archaeological research is carried out in the Fields of Grunwald with the participation of scientists, archaeologists -employees Museum of the Battle of Grunwald in Stębark, as well as treasure hunters from Denmark, Norway, the UK and Poland. Scientists want to know the location of the main clash of Teutonic forces with the Polish-Lithuanian army.

“This is the largest project in Poland with the participation of archaeologists and detectorists. Not only considering the number of participants and the area of research, but also its importance, because there is only one Grunwald” – told Dr. Szymon Drej, director of the Grunwald Museum, which organised the search.

Source: Science in Poland/NB

Picture: British Poles, Pixabay

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