Inequalities between Polish and British test takers

October 4, 2019

For the last years Polish Matura exams became a lot more challenging for Polish students. However, most British Universities accept Matura results, thus allowing thousands of young people who were not able to attend International Bacculaurate schools to fulfil their full potential in studying in the UK.

The current grading conversion system was based on percentage scores achieved in the Polish exam, according to the following conversion steps: 95% (A*), 85% (A) and 75% (B).

The aim of this report is to compare the official statistics of the percentile scores achieved by School Leavers in both countries, according to the aforementioned conversion rates and consider whether using the percentile score for Polish Matura test takers is a fairer way of recruitment.

Data from the three years of Nova Matura exam, shown in percentile scores comparing A Level and Matura results for the current conversion rate. The Y axis describes the percentile in which a student must have been to achieve a given grade (in the UK) or percentage (in Poland) :

We hope that our report will be taken into deeper consideration, as we highlight the immense inequalities in demands given to Polish and British test takers. We believe that using the percentile system for recruitment based on Polish Matura results is much fairer, and we think that it would benefit both sides, as British universities strive to maintain the best education and learning experience for students from all over the world.

Author: Łukasz Lisowski

The article has been published as part of a cooperation with The Lambert, Quarterly Journal of Federation of Polish Student Societies in the UK. Visit the website of the Federation and follow the student journal on Facebook.

Picture: Pixabay

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