Live-stream from the 75th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

July 18, 2019

Well known British film-maker living in Poland, Patrick Ney, has launched an ambitious new project to live-stream from all the ceremonies marking the 75th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising on Thursday 1st of August. In previous years Ney has done this using a telephone and got fantastic results.

Over 200,000 viewers last year watched ceremonies including a direct address to viewers from the Polish President. In one emotional moment, viewers watched a Powstaniec (Uprising fighter) Bohdan Dembinski lay flowers at his brother’s grave. In another, the Grandson of a Warsaw Rising fighter wrote to say he was watching with his Grandfather from Australia. His grandfather, too sick to travel, was in Warsaw online via the live transmission and felt like he was back in the city he’d fought to free.

This year, Patrick intends to bring full high quality streams on both YouTube and Facebook and launched a micropayment campaign to fund the technical costs for a full professional stream. You can donate here. Over 12 thousand złoty was raised in a few weeks mainly thanks to micro contributions from Poles around the world, including a whopping 1 thousand pound donation from Poles in the United States.

All the lives will be in English and can be found online by searching for the hashtag #rising44live

Joining Patrick to host the lives will be Warsaw Rising Museum guide, Aleksandra Duda, who regularly takes groups through the story of the Rising which led to the deaths of 200,000 civilians and resistance soldiers as the Germans set about to wipe the city and its inhabitants from the face of the earth.

Portal British Poles is one of the media patrons of the event. Let’s watch the celebrations together to honour our Heroes!

Patrick Ney/British Poles/NB

Pictures and posters: Patrick Ney

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