Mushroom hunting – the best summer activity in Poland!

July 25, 2019

Mushroom hunting is called in Poland ‘grzybobranie’ and it is very popular. Everyday we see new mushroom pictures on Facebook or Instagram, uploaded by our friends.

We know “Mushroom hunting” may sounds weird to you, that is why we are writing this post :).

In Poland and many other European countries, people go to forest on July, August and September only to pick mushrooms. Then of course we eat them.

The most popular is to make a mushroom soup (grzybowa), a sauce or to dry mushrooms and use them for Christmas. These dishes are really delicious, we just love them! We always miss them when we are traveling. They are only popular in Poland and maybe Ukraine.

Poles are crazy about mushrooms. There are many people who make money on this. They wake up every morning about 4 or 5 a.m. and go to forest before other people will do the same.

Then they are standing next to the road and selling all these mushrooms to the drivers. It is quite a good business for people who need money. New mushrooms usually appear every day. And those who are hunting everyday know how to find them fast.

Mushroom hunting is not so easy… You need to know exactly what to take. Some mushrooms are toxic and eating them can kill you.

But the rule of this hunting is simple: pick only mushrooms with sponge under the hat :). The others are usually poisonous and you may even die after eating a little bit of them. We have heard that the most poisonous mushrooms are very sweet which is very confusing.

Author: Karolina Klesta/NB

Pictures: Karolina Klesta and Pixabay

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