Poland and the UK signed their largest-ever commercial agreement

The UK and Poland have agreed on a strategic air defence deal worth close to £4 billion (20 billion zloty), which represents the largest-ever commercial deal between both countries.

Via the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) Warsaw is to be supplied by the British arm of European missile maker MBDA with more than 1,000 CAMM-ER surface-to-air missiles and over 100 launchers. The newly purchased equipment is to be integrated into Poland’s Narew air defence programme. It follows a nearly £2 billion agreement signed earlier this year via which Warsaw bought the British CAMM missile system.

The UK’s defence secretary Grant Shapps rejoiced about the agreement, referring to it as “another crucial step forward for our historic defence ties with Poland”. He emphasised that his country is “supplying next-generation air defence capabilities to act as a clear deterrent to [both countries’] adversaries”.

There is no doubt that Russia’s large-scale invasion of neighbouring Ukraine accelerated Warsaw’s determination to strengthen its national security as much as possible. Under the Homeland Defence Act passed in early 2022, the Polish government decided to double the size of its armed forces and increase defence spending from 2.2% currently to at least 3% next year. 

Such reinforcement of the military would make Poland NATO’s third-biggest relative spender, behind Greece (3.8%) and the United States (3.5%). In the meantime, Poland has also signed significant deals with the United States and South Korea to become one of Europe’s strongest land forces.


Image: X (@mblaszczak)

Author: Sébastien Meuwissen