Poland invests €2.2 billion to fortify its eastern border

Poland is investing approximately €2.2 billion to bolster security and deterrence along its borders with Russia and Belarus, PM Donald Tusk announced last Saturday.

Unveiling the Shield-East project, Tusk noted that the initiative, which includes the construction of military fortifications, has already started. Highlighting Poland’s strategic position on NATO’s and the EU’s eastern flank, Tusk underlined the Poland’s pivotal role in safeguarding Europe. 

We have decided to invest in our safety and, above all, in a secure eastern border, amounting to some 10 billion zlotys (€2.2 billion),” Tusk explained.

He elaborated that the project involves building a fortified and environmentally adapted border to ensure its impenetrability by potential adversaries. „We have started this work to make Poland’s border secure in peacetime and impenetrable to an enemy during wartime,” he stressed.

Tusk made this announcement while addressing Polish troops in Kraków, during the 80th-anniversary commemorations of the Allied victory in the Battle of Monte Cassino during WWII.

Previously, Poland’s conservative government built €370 million wall along the Belarusian border to stop the significant influx of migrants in 2021. However, the current liberal government deems further reinforcement necessary.

A recent poll conducted by Radio ZET revealed strong support among Poles for fortifying military defences and establishing air raid shelters for civilians along the Russian and Belarusian borders. Approximately 84% of respondents expressed support for the idea, with 51% firmly in favour and 33% leaning towards agreement.


Image: X @Straz_Graniczna

Author: Sébastien Meuwissen