Poland organises its first-ever Speed Chess Championship

From 19 to 28 January, elite Polish chess players will participate in the first national edition of the Speed ​​Chess Championship online tournament organised by Chess.com. The initiator of this project is Polish grandmaster Jan-Krzysztof Duda.

I am a fan of online chess, so we have found a formula that will allow me to face domestic rivals and at the same time provide a lot of fun and emotions to the fans. Speed ​​Chess Championship Poland will be one big festival […] We want to show that chess can be dynamic, fun, but also fully professional” – the Polish champion told Radio Opole in a recent interview. 

Apart from Duda, other rising stars of chess will participate in the tournament. These include Alina Kaszlińska, Klaudia Kulon Oliwia Kiołbasa, Monika Soćko, Kamil Miton, Kamil Dragun and Jan Klimkowski. In turn, Poland’s number 2 in the national ranking, Radosław Wojtaszek will not participate. Wojtaszek could not adapt his busy schedule to make it (he plays in the Czech league – editor’s note).

Matches in individual pairs will consist of three segments: 90 minutes of matches at a pace of 5 min + 2 sec per game per player, 60 minutes at a pace of 3 + 2, and 30 minutes at a pace of 1 + 2. The winner of each match will be the player who scores more points in total. In case of a draw, the winner is to be decided in overtime.  

The prize money amounts to PLN 20,000, of which the winner will be awarded PLN 5,000.


Image: Chess.com

Author: Sébastien Meuwissen


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