Poland remains a magnet for global travellers

Poland’s tourism sector continues to surge, as indicated by the latest figures released by the Central Statistical Office (GUS). 

In 2023, the number of tourists opting for overnight stays in the country’s various accommodation facilities witnessed a robust increase of 5.8% compared to the previous year, totaling an impressive 36.2 million visitors. This surge is indicative of Poland’s growing appeal as a premier destination for global travellers seeking unique cultural experiences and picturesque landscapes.


Germany tops the list with 1.6 million visitors, followed by Ukraine (931.000), the UK (642.000), the US (470.000), Czechia (352.000), Lithuania (251.000), Italy (203.000), and France (181.000). This diverse mix of nationalities reflects Poland’s universal appeal and its ability to attract travellers from across the globe.

One of the key indicators of Poland’s allure is the significant rise in the number of overnight stays, which climbed by 3.2% year-on-year. This statistic underscores not only the increasing influx of tourists but also their willingness to prolong their stay to immerse themselves fully in the rich tapestry of Poland’s offerings.


What sets Poland apart as a tourist hotspot is its diverse attractions that cater to a wide spectrum of interests. From the historic charm of Kraków’s Old Town, with its medieval architecture and cultural landmarks, to the natural splendor of the Tatra Mountains, Poland offers a myriad of experiences for every type of traveller.

Also, Poland’s strategic location in the heart of Europe makes it easily accessible for tourists from neighbouring countries and beyond. This accessibility, coupled with efficient transportation infrastructure, ensures seamless travel experiences for visitors exploring the country’s treasures.


Image: British Poles

Author: Sébastien Meuwissen