Poland’s “Heart of the Woods” was awarded the title of Tree of the Year

The 2024 European Tree of the Year contest has crowned a Polish tree affectionately known as the „Heart of the Garden” as its winner. 

Situated in the botanical garden of the University of Wrocław, this monumental common beech tree marks the third consecutive victory for Poland in the competition, which honour our deep connection with nature by highlighting the beauty and uniqueness of trees from across Europe.

Among the notable entries, the “Weeping Beech” of Bayeux in Normandy claimed second place. With a remarkable spread of over 40 metres, the city has provided structural support to ensure its preservation.

Securing third place is the ancient Olive Tree of “Luras” in Sardinia, Italy, estimated to be between 3,000 and 4,000 years old, making it one of the oldest wild olive specimens on the island.

Portugal’s entry, the meticulously shaped common camellia, garnered significant attention for its centuries of careful cultivation.

The UK’s contender, Wrexham’s sweet chestnut in Acton Park, secured tenth place. Nearly 500 years old, this resilient tree has endured numerous challenges, including being targeted for firewood during post-war Britain in the 1940s.

For quite some time, the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation has been organising the Tree of the Year competition. Since 2011, an extension of this yearly award has been launched with The European Tree of the Year competition.

The full results of the 2024 Tree of the Year contest can be checked here


Image: Marcin Kopij

Author: Sébastien Meuwissen


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