“Polish After-School Clubs” promoting Poland in British schools

August 7, 2019

“Polish After-School Clubs” in a British school – classes promoting the beauty of the Polish language and the richness of Polish culture and history

For a second time this year, the Polish Embassy invites you to join the new project of organising classes in British primary schools promoting the beauty of the Polish language and the richness of Polish culture and history.


The aim of the Polish After-School Clubs is to shape good Polish-British relations among the young generation. Furthermore, it is to experience the value of Polish language, culture, tradition, history and geography among young Poles living in the United Kingdom. On the other hand for young British people Polish After-School Clubs is an opportunity to learn the culture and traditions of their Polish friends. The project is also an excellent promotion of the benefits of bilingualism among children and young people.


The first edition of the ,,Polish After-School Clubs” project is to be conducted from September 2019 until December 2019. Moreover, we would like to encourage for the classes to culminate in a celebration called “Polish Day – The School Festival”, organised by participants of the classes in cooperation with teachers and parents. This event would be the encouragement for the Polish community to share with local school communities the richness of Polish culture. Furthermore, it would be the perfect opportunity  to demonstrate traditional Polish openness and tolerance as well as friendship and cordiality.


The organisers of the ,,Polish After-School Clubs” can apply for financial support for the classes up to a maximum amount of £500, after the implementation of the project.


In the first edition of the project ,,Polish After-School Clubs 2019″ financial support is to be transferred to institutions (schools/organisations) selected in the competition procedure on the basis of the submitted application form (below) by 20 September 2019 to the email address: londyn.polacyzagranica@msz.gov.pl. The rules of procedure are enclosed below.


We encourage you to be a part of this unique project. It is being inaugurated on the 250th anniversary of the official establishment of the Polish-British diplomatic relations as well as on the centenary of the renewal of bilateral relations between Poland and the United Kingdom.


Send your application no later than 20 September 2019 with the title: ,,Polish After-School Clubs 2019 in (eg. Peterborough, London-Ealing, etc.) – form”

You can download all the necessary documents here:


For further information, please contact londyn.polacyzagranica@msz.gov.pl

Source: Polish Embassy UK Press Office

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