Polish high school student triumphs in China

In the competition preceding the International Mathematical Olympiad, a talented teenager from Lublin displayed his mathematical genius by securing the highest possible score. Notably, he became the first non-Chinese participant to achieve this remarkable feat.

During the Beijing competition leading up to the 64th International Mathematical Olympiad, set to occur in Japan next week, Konstanty Smolira, a Polish participant, achieved a perfect score of 42 points. This accomplishment sets him apart as the sole individual from outside of China to attain such a feat. Notably, just a few days before, Konstanty emerged victorious in the European Mathematical Cup, where he demonstrated exceptional problem-solving skills by flawlessly solving all the given tasks and securing the gold medal, thereby clinching the top position in Europe.

In the group rankings, the Polish team secured the third position, tying with participants from Canada. They were outperformed only by the Chinese team. In the individual competition, Michał Lipiec and Robert Soboński, who received second prizes, along with Mateusz Gabzdyl and Piotr Miernik, who completed the podium, achieved impressive results.

Konstanty Smolira, a graduate of the Private High School in Lublin, has been excelling in mathematics and computer science for several years. In 2023, he achieved notable success by winning two esteemed competitions: the European Championship in Mathematics and the Baltic Olympiad in Information Technology.

He will soon participate in the highly anticipated International Mathematical Olympiad in Chiba, Japan. This renowned competition, considered the oldest and most prestigious for high school students, will commence on July 2 and extend for a duration of two weeks. The final stage of the Olympiad will span two days, during which participants will tackle six problems encompassing diverse domains of mathematics, known as the queen of sciences. In the previous edition, the Polish team achieved a commendable 12th place and brought home six medals.


Author: Patrycja Bodzek-Kurzyńska

Photo: Facebook / Olimpiada Matematyczna


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