Polish Sernik stands out as the best cheese dessert in the world

Last year, our Polish cheesecake ranked second among general cakes worldwide. This year, it proudly claims the top spot on the podium as the world’s premier cheese dessert!

Sernik has its roots deeply embedded in ancient Christian and Jewish customs. Historical records suggest that sernik emerged around the 17th century, purportedly introduced by King Jan III Sobieski upon his return from the Battle of Vienna, where he vanquished the Turks.

Today, various versions of sernik are often served on a base of crumbly cake. Raisins, chocolate sauce, or fruits are commonly added to enhance its flavour. One popular variation features a sponge cake base covered with jelly and fruit on top.

Our Polish Sernik proudly rises to claim the topmost position on the podium among cheese desserts, surpassing New York and Japanese cheesecakes.

So, the next time you crave a slice of heaven on a plate, look no further than the Polish cheesecake. With its rich history, diverse adaptations, and unmatched decadence, it’s no wonder it reigns supreme as the best cheese dessert in the world.


Author: Patrycja Bodzek-Kurzynska

Photo: polishyourkitchen.com