Polish talent Jakub Pachocki became OpenAI’s new Chief Scientist

33-year-old Jakub Pachocki from Gdynia has just replaced Ilya Sutskever as OpenAI’s new Chief Scientist. 

Holding a PhD in theoretical computer science from Carnegie Mellon University, Pachocki’s academic pursuits have revolved around crafting algorithms for machine learning applications. The talented Pole hailed Sutskever’s pivotal role as a mentor and collaborator in shaping his journey in deep learning research.

During his studies in the Polish city of Gdynia, he achieved numerous successes in competitive programming contests, including those hosted by tech giants like Facebook and Google. His crowning achievement came in 2012 at the Google Code Jam, where he emerged as the champion, securing both the gold medal and a $10,000 prize.

With his extensive background and leadership experience, Pachocki has been at the forefront of OpenAI’s research endeavours since November, leveraging his previous role as Research Director. 

His appointment as Chief Scientist coincides with the recent launch of GPT-4o by OpenAI, a groundbreaking update combining various input modalities such as text, audio, and vision, as the financial media outlet Bezinga reports. 

Open AI’s CEO Sam Altman described Pachocki as “easily one of the greatest minds of our generation”.


Image: Simons Institute

Author: Sébastien Meuwissen


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