Save EU students! Campaign to protect equal rights of UK and EU students

July 18, 2019

The community of EU students in the UK is campaigning to prevent the Government’s plan to increase the tuition fees and abolish the access to student loans for EU citizens undertaking study at British Universities. The campaign is called “Save EU students”.

Students are alarming, that the procedure will disallow future enrolment for all but the richest EU students. It should be noted that students from the European Union make up less than 5% of all students in the UK, so such change will not result in large income for the universities. EU Students claim that it will damage the economy, as net contribution per one EU student is £68,000, with net impact of all international students at £20.3 billion.

  • Such a change will not only significantly damage Britain’s soft power, but most importantly disallow the access to higher education in the UK to all but the richest EU students, thus affecting the future of Europe, creating a more unequal, divided and un-cooperative Continent — explains Maciej Manka, President of the Federation of Polish Student Societies in the UK.

Annual costs of studying will be in total £38,000 – £70,000. This is much larger than the average disposable household income in France (£24,500) and even larger than the one in Eastern European countries (£14,000). It is also not true that British Universities and students get nothing from the EU – Britain is the second largest beneficiary of EU research funds (making up 10% of UK’s research budget) and 20,000 British students study for free in Europe. Students ask for that bilateral cooperation to be maintained and for UK and EU students to keep having the same rights everywhere on our Continent.

Protect equal rights of UK and EU students

  • We aim to launch a grassroots campaign that will eventually persuade British lawmakers to maintain the current status of EU students in the UK. Having in mind the importance of future relations between Britons and Europeans as well as the symbiotic relations between British Universities and outstanding European students, we have launched a petition and approached numerous ministers and officials on both sides of the English Channel. By supporting our movement, you help in giving voice to our arguments so that we are heard at the highest steps of decision making. We will not achieve anything if there is not enough support for our cause from UK citizens – EU students ask for our help.

Here you can sign the petition:

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At 10,000 signatures government will respond to the students’ petition and at 100,000 signatures the petition will be considered for debate in Parliament. Students call – Let’s unite together to make a change!

British Poles has officially became a patron of the “Save EU students” campaign.

Magdalena Pachorek

Picture: Save EU students



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