The “most beautiful bus station in Poland” opens in Lublin

After over three years of construction and PLN 340 million (GBP 67 million) of investment, a brand-new bus station has opened in Poland’s southeastern city of Lublin. The new facility will eventually replace the city’s former main bus station dating back to the 1970s and located at Aleja Tysiąclecia. 

The long-awaited infrastructure was described in Polish media as the country’s “most beautiful” bus stop. During the facility’s official opening, the Marshal of the Lublin province, Jarosław Stawiarski referred to the new construction as “not just a transfer point, [but] a symbol of progress, modernity, and care for the environment”. 

The new station is located right next to Lublin’s main train station and is to become a hub for municipal, regional, and even long-distance transport. The building’s cup-like pillars and its living “green wall” made of close to 26,000 plans give it a strong modern touch. The station’s roof is also equipped with a special rainwater recovery system and solar panels.

The facility’s walls are made of glass with a low heat transfer coefficient. It includes round source heat pumps which are used for heating, as the construction news website Murator Plus explains. To absorb pollutants present in the air, an anti-smog paving can also be found on the ground. 

Because of the numerous efforts relating to ecology, the building was named the best ecological project at the occasion of Poland’s annual Green Building Awards. Although still in the concept phase, Lublin’s new bus stop was nominated for the World Building of the Year award already in 2019. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that the whole building was conceptualised to be user-friendly, including for disabled people and wheelchair users. 


Image: Miasto Lublin

Author: Sébastien Meuwissen


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