Two Poles have been murdered by Hamas in Gaza

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the death of four more hostages kidnapped by Hamas, among whom were two Polish citizens. 

“We are deeply saddened by the death of four more hostages abducted by Hamas. Among them were two Polish citizens. Our hearts go out to the grieving families” – we read on the ministry’s official X page. “Poland renews its call for a ceasefire in Gaza and the immediate release of the hostages” – the message concludes. 

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) reported the deaths of the four hostages on Monday, without disclosing the circumstances due to an ongoing investigation. According to the Times of Israel, the deceased hostages were 79-year-old Chaim Peri, 84-year-old Amiram Cooper, 80-year-old Joram Metzger, and 51-year-old Nadav Popplewell.

Peri, Cooper, and Metzger were abducted by Hamas from Kibbutz Nir Oz on 7 October last year during a Hamas attack, while Popplewell was taken hostage from Kibbutz Nirim.

In December, Hamas released a propaganda video featuring Peri, Cooper, and Metzger, and in March, the Palestinian group announced that all three had died as a result of Israeli attacks. Popplewell appeared in a separate propaganda video in May, likely posthumously.

So far, the IDF has confirmed the deaths of 41 out of 120 hostages who were not released by Hamas. On 7 October, the Palestinian group abducted a total of 251 individuals.


Image: X (@EylonALevy)

Author: Sébastien Meuwissen


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