“Ukraine needs to be helped to recover its territory” – says Polish Foreign Minister

Earlier this week, Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski gave an interview to Radio Free Europe during a stay in Brussels in which he reiterated the urgent need to provide Ukraine with concrete endorsement of the Russian invasion. 

Sikorski recalled the warnings he issued already a decade ago to his Western European counterparts regarding the dangers related to Russia’s aggressive foreign policy. Back then, he claims that “Europe was not prepared to do anything about that”. 

The liberal politician emphasised he is doing what he can to “put some urgency” into providing ammunition and defence systems to Ukraine to avoid what he referred to as a “too little, too late” scenario. “Ukraine needs to be helped to recover its territory, and we need to find ways to do it on time […] Because time is of the essence” – he explained. 

When asked about how much time the EU has left to be ready to cope with an attack from Russia, Sikorski refused to give a precise answer. He underlined that threats formulated by Vladimir Putin are to be taken seriously and that it is of major importance for EU countries to “make preparations”. 

Overall, Sikorski deplored the slowness of the whole process of providing Kyiv with much-needed military support. “It […] takes time to build new production lines […] I’m told that stuff is coming on line, but not fast enough” – he lamented. 

He encouraged his European partners to remain steadfast when it comes to readiness to be of help to war-torn Ukraine, stressing that unity amid the ongoing aggression by Moscow was key to an efficient stabilisation of the security situation in Eastern Europe. 


Image: X (@MSZ_RP)

Author: Sébastien Meuwissen


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