Women in Intelligence – Helen Fry at Chelsea History Festival

Date: 30-09-2023 Hour: 18:00

Event place: National Army Museum

The Chelsea History Festival is back for its fifth year, bringing world-class history writing to the heart of London.

Bestselling author and historian Helen Fry discusses the role of women in intelligence services in the 20th century.

About the event

Starting with the First World War, women took on an extraordinary range of roles in intelligence, defying the conventions of their time. From running spy networks to parachuting behind enemy lines or administrating the work in the MI offices, they helped support the British war machine.

Helen Fry offers a varied examination into the work women undertook in the field of espionage. Be it knitting coded messages into jumpers or interpreting aerial photography, the stories of these women are inspirational and help us understand just how pivotal their contribution to history truly is.

About the speaker

Historian and biographer Helen Fry is the author of The London CageThe Walls Have EarsMI9Spymaster and more than 20 books on intelligence, prisoners of war and the social history of the Second World War. She appears regularly in media interviews and podcasts, and has been involved in numerous documentaries.

WHEN: 30 September 2023, 6.00pm

WHERE: National Army Museum (Foyle 1), Royal Hospital Rd, London SW3 4HT

TICKETS: £15.00 (Concessions: £13.00). To buy here.

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