Wrocław is “criminally underrated”, according to The Daily Express

In an article published in December, The Daily Express praises the city of Wrocław and calls it “criminally underrated”.

The beautiful European city as pretty as Prague or Budapest but without the tourists”. That is the title Liam Doyle gave to his text praising the charm of the Lower Silesian capital. 

Virtually anyone who has been to Prague would agree on some fundamental facts: the place is picturesque, the beer is excellent, and there are too many tourists. Well, in the case of Wrocław, you get only the positives of that, without the overwhelming crowds of tourists. 

A similar thing can be said when it comes to Budapest. The Hungarian capital is delightful and has an amazing atmosphere. Nonetheless, the city is so huge that getting from one place to another takes ages. Again, there is no such problem with the Wrocław, where most touristic spots can be reached in less than half an hour of walking. 

In its article, The Daily Express emphasises the richness of the city’s history. Wrocław (known for several centuries as Breslau) and its architecture provided visitors a hint of the powerful empires under the influence of which it happened to be across the centuries. Poles, Czechs, Germans, … Several nations have always tried to make this strategically located Silesian place their own. 

As The British newspaper rightly puts it, Wrocław is a “historical hub and has a host of landmarks from centuries long gone” and a “cultural laboratory”. Aside from history and architecture, redactor Liam Doyle draws attention to the fact that visitors “have their pick of trendy bars where they can settle down for a quick drink, or beautiful, vegan-friendly eateries.

The local Christmas market offers plenty of opportunities to try local, regional, and international cuisine. Bigos or langos? Potato pancakes or fries? Oscypek or crêpes? The choice is up to you! Children can also have a good time thanks to attractions such as a fairy tale forest, a roller coaster, and a carousel. There are also lots of opportunities to take pictures of the city’s characteristic dwarfs, Christmas trees, and much more! Last year, The Daily Maily referred to Wrocław’s fair as “Europe’s best (and best-value) Christmas market”.

If, like the undersigned, you ever had the privilege to spend some time in the beautiful city of Wrocław, you know that rating it as one of Poland’s best places is a no-brainer. If you would like to discover more about this must-see Silesian place, check out our ultimate guide to Wrocław


Image: Unsplash

Author: Sébastien Meuwissen



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