Joseph Conrad – Influences on Modern Culture

Date: 02-12-2020 Hour: 19:30

Event place: online

An evening dedicated to Joseph Conrad – considered one of the greatest novelists writing in the English language. We will discuss his ongoing influence on modern culture, from literature to graphic novels.
Not many people know that the author of Heart of Darkness, Lord Jim, Nostromo, and The Secret Agent was a Polish national—born Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski. He learned English fluently only in his twenties. Yet, Conrad was one of the first great writers of the modern era writing in the English language. Despite his novels’ colonial themes, his style was modern. His lack of nostalgia and romance, the precision of his details, and his sensible and matter-of-fact heroes that had little sense of redemption were innovative and, in a way, gave rise to other disillusioned voices of modern literature.
Conrad’s influence transcends literature. His novels are repeatedly mentioned as inspirations for a multitude of projects. Almost all his works have been adapted for film, television, theatre, and even opera and are frequently referenced. He also continues to inspire younger generations of visual artists and even game-makers. All that you can explore in our exhibition: Conrad. The Nostromo Passenger.
Together with our guests dr Agnieszka Adamowicz-Pośpiech and Conor McCarthy, we will explore Conrad’s presence in modern culture. Dr Agnieszka Adamowicz-Pośpiech is an Associate Professor of Literature at the University of Silesia with a special interest in graphic novels and will talk about the unexpected marriage of early 20th-century literature with 21st-century visual art. She will be joined by Conor McCarthy, English Literature lecturer at Maynooth University who will reflect on Conrad’s connections to Ireland and his influence on literature and political thought.
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Agnieszka Adamowicz-Pośpiech,
is an Associate Professor of English Literature and Translation Studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. She has published three books on British modernism and two on translation and over eighty articles (on R.Browning, G.B. Shaw, T.S. Eliot, J. Conrad, J. Joyce, W. Golding, H. Pinter, J. Verma). Her research focuses on Translation Studies, British Modernism, modern and contemporary British drama and visual/cultural studies. She is currently involved in the project The Transcultural and Transnational Conrad.
Conor McCarthy,
teaches English literature and intellectual history at Maynooth University, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
He has lectured in universities in Ireland, Britain, France, Canada, the United States and in the Middle East. He is Associate Editor of College Literature and Second Year Co-Ordinator in the Maynooth University English Department. He is a founder-member of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and of Academics for Palestine, and a long-time participant in the work of the Red Stripe Collective and Seminar. He has also written and reviewed for The Irish Times and The Sunday Business Post, as well as publishing political essays and reviews with Electronic Intifada, Jacobin and the Irish Left Review. His most recent book is Enforcing Silence: Academic Freedom, Palestine and the Criticism of Israel (co-edited with David Landy and Ronit Lentin), published by Bloomsbury in May 2020.
WHEN: December 2nd, 7.30pm
WHERE: online
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