Norman Davies’ project on “Poland Past and Present” to promote Poland’s heritage

November 12, 2020

The Project “Poland Past and Present” aims to promote a broad vision both of Poland’s heritage and of Polish Studies in English-speaking universities. We take Polish Studies to encompass multiple academic fields including relations within the region to which Poland belongs.

The Project assumes that a greater understanding of Poland – a country of growing importance – can enrich a range of academic disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. We will build on existing programmes in Polish language and literature by supporting the study of Poland in the fields of history, the arts, European studies, international relations, politics, economics, sociology, religion and business. Approaches focusing on regional and intercultural relations – including Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Jewish, Belarusian, German and Russian dimensions – will be encouraged.

In the first phase, the Project aims to establish a virtual British-based hub, from which networking, conferences, public education, an academic association, student visits, research and public outreach activities can be organised. In the second phase, we aim to develop online teaching modules, a range of digital teaching materials, studentships, prizes and a summer school programme with partners in Poland.

In the pursuit of this vision, it is crucial to encourage the growth of a well-informed and vibrant academic community of teachers, students and supporters. With the help of Poles abroad and of friends in Poland, we firmly believe that significant advances can be made to coordinate and expand the international study of Poland and its region.

Fundraising activities will resume shortly.

More about the project here.

Norman Davies – Stanley Bill – Ranjit Majumdar – Robert Frost – Stefan Szwed – Katarzyna Pisarska – Jarosław Pepliński

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