#PLHeritageDays – Interview with Dr Bożena Laskiewicz

Date: 03-05-2021 Hour: 16:00

Event place: online

Polish Sue and British Poles are delighted to invite you to celebrate The Polish Constitution Day of 3rd of May with #PLHeritageDays under the patronage of His Excellency The Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the United Kingdom professor Arkady Rzegocki.

This events include the interview with Dr Bożena Laskiewicz, an active charity fundraiser , and a founder of a major Polish charity as well as a doctor.

At nearly 80 years old – Dr Bożena Laskiewicz – is still very busy every day taking care of others. A doctor of medicine, charity fundraiser and the founder of The Medical Aid for Poland Fund, she personally knew Sue Ryder and met Mother Teresa of Calcutta, She worked with Sue Ryder closely on many charity events and initiatives for the good of Poland.

The Medical Aid for Poland Fund was founded 40 years ago to help the sick and needy in Poland. In August 1981, in the midst of the Polish people’s struggle against communism, the Federation of Poles in Great Britain received a letter from Solidarity Chairman Lech Wałęsa appealing for medical aid. In September Dr Bożena Laskiewicz and her colleagues sent the first container of supplies from London to Poland.

On 13 December 1981 General Jaruzelski declared Martial Law and sent tanks on to the streets of Poland. The Medical Aid for Poland Fund sent the first three trucks of aid in January and two in February 1982.

In total the Fund sent 335 trucks. In 1988, free at last, Wałęsa was able to come, see one off, and thank Dr Laskiewicz and others in the Fund.

Today The Charity raises funds to purchase medical supplies and equipment. Not only hospitals, but also care homes, children’s homes, special schools and on some occasions individuals in need are helped. The range of assistance is wide: medicines, wheelchairs, prostheses (artificial limbs), insulin pumps, incontinence pads, drugs, rehabilitation equipment, rehabilitation courses for handicapped children, orthopaedic equipment, hearing aids, subsidising a children’s eye clinic, oxygen tents, specialist beds, and many others.

Some of the volunteers working for MAPF are still those who were active when the Fund started in the 1980s.

There is a great need for a younger generation to become involved if the organisation is to continue, and on present showing it looks as if there may still be a need for it in the years to come, even though Poland is in the European Union. Luckily a wealthy élite has formed in the post-communist years and the Fund look forward to some new wealth spreading down to the poor.

Join us for the day of excitement, music and interesting talks!

WHEN: May 3rd, 4.00PM

WHERE: online







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