Polish hero from London bridge terror attack – Łukasz Koczocik – will be honoured by the Queen

December 27, 2019

London Bridge terror hero Łukasz Koczocik is to be awarded one of Britain’s highest civilian awards for bravery. The five other men who tackled Khan will also receive the same honours.

The 38-year-old kitchen porter who became a global sensation after tackling crazed terrorist Usman Khan in one-on-one straight combat is to receive the Queen’s Medal for Gallantry, or the George Cross if it turns out he has British citizenship, say reports.

Łukasz had been washing glasses in the basement of Fishmongers’ Hall in London when he heard blood-curdling screams from upstairs.

In the chaos that followed, initial reports suggested that Mr Koczocik had attacked Khan with a narwhal tusk but it has since become clear that he instead grabbed a pike and thrust into Khan’s chest.

The Polish hero suffered brutal slash wounds as the two became locked in kill-or-be-killed combat, allowing hysterical and panicking guests to escape.

Fishmongers’ Hall chief executive Toby Williamson said: “Łukasz gets there on the first floor of the building just behind me and it’s pretty clear that there’s a bad guy.

Khan’s got two knives in his hands, there’s blood, there’s screams, there’s chaos.

“Łukasz pulls off the wall this long stick, he charges towards the bad guy, and he impacts him on the chest and there’s clearly something here that is protective and it doesn’t make any sort of impact.

“But he’s buying time. He allows others to escape, to move to adjacent rooms. At that point he’s got about one-minute of one-on-one straight combat.”

He added that although severely injured, Mr Koczocik refused to give up even as Khan ‘worked his way up’ the pike and stabbed the hero kitchen worker four or five times in the left of his body.

It was at that point that two other men, one with a fire extinguisher and the other with the narwhal tusk, joined the battle.

Realising he was outnumbered, Khan then tried to flee out of the front door with the other two men in pursuit.

By that time, Łukasz had grown weaker from the blood loss but Mr Williamson said by then his “job was done.”

It was beforehand reported that Mr Koczocik had been put ahead for the very best stage of bravery honour in his homeland of Poland. Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki praised the kitchen porter on Facebook: “Bloody Poles are saving London again” – these words today dominate in London media reports about the brave attitude of Mr. Łukasz, a Pole who did not hesitate and rush to a terrorist (…)”

The PM added: “Against terrorism, all weapons are allowed. Mr. Łukasz, your attitude deserves special thanks and respect.

“Poland is proud of you!”

It is now being reported that Łukasz, who has been honoured by everyone from the Queen of England through to the London police, will be awarded for his bravery.

Source:  The First News/NB




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