Polish sailor on a lonely cruise around the world

November 16, 2019

Rafał Moszczyński, a Polish racing sailor from Łódź, is planning to sail around the world on his yacht “Wojownik” (the Warrior). He has just entered his 7th day of a lonely cruise sailing across the North Sea. Tonight he is expected to pass Scotland from the north side.

His yacht, built at the Ustka shipyard, is 11-meter long, 2,7t  total weight, durable and fast.

Moszczyński started his cruise on the 101. anniversary of Poland regaining its Independence – on November 11th in Gdynia. His plan is to reach Cape Town in South Africa, then redirecting to Australia, New Zealand, Cape Horn and get back to Gdynia within 150 days.

He said: “Sailing is a natural environment for me, in which I find real joy and ease in achieving my goals”.

Rafał Moszczyński wants to celebrate the historical feat of Henryk Jaskuła on the 40th anniversary of his lonely voyage around the world. Jaskuła was the first Pole and the 3rd man in the world who, as a single-handed yachtsman, encircled the globe without visiting ports.

You can track his current position here.

We keep our fingers crossed!

Natalia Jasińska

Pictures: Retweeted from @Lodz_citybreak


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