Success of AGH students at the international robotics competition in Canada

The AGH Space Systems student team, based in Krakow, participated in their first international robotics competition in Canada. Their exceptional performance led them to triumph in four out of five tasks presented during the event.

The Canadian International Rover Challenge 2023 involved teams in missions that differed notably from those found in other competitions of a similar nature. These missions were designed as simulations of the challenges that could be confronted by inhabitants of an extraterrestrial colony in the future.

The students were required to carry out five missions: Search & Rescue, Traversal+, Land Speculation & Prospecting, Arm Dexterity, and Water Redirection. They achieved victory in all tasks except for Water Redirection, where they fell short of winning.

The Search & Rescue assignment consisted of bringing a technician from hazardous areas to the base at night while also entailing the tasks of repairing and reactivating a reactor following an accident.

During the Traversal+ mission, the objective was for the rover to navigate through the wreckage resulting from the reactor explosion and detect the necessary supplies essential for reconstructing the base.

Concerning the Land Speculation & Prospecting segment, the students were tasked with deploying the rover to remote sites away from the base, where they intended to construct new facilities. The rover’s primary function was to conduct surveys and scientific enquiries within these unexplored regions.

In the Water Redirection task, the students from Krakow fell short of securing a win, despite their performance being deemed close to perfection by the university. This mission entailed the challenge of disengaging an existing pipeline and installing a new water system.

In the Arm Dexterity mission, teams were instructed to skilfully operate the rover to harness outdated power sources and spare components, with the aim of supplying electricity to the recently established settlement.

AGH Space Systems wrapped up their engagement in the competition with a notable outcome, securing a total of 394.46 points out of the available 550.

The Canadian International Rover Challenge of 2023 was held from August 11th to 14th in Drumheller, Alberta. The event drew the participation of 17 teams representing different parts of the world. The second place in the competition was earned by the Husky Robotics team from the University of Washington, with third place being awarded to the Raptors team from the Łódź University of Technology.


Author: Patrycja Bodzek-Kurzyńska

Photo: GOV.PL

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