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What is going on?
In June 2020 Michelle Donelan announced that EU Students are no longer eligible for home fee status for courses starting in the 2021/22 academic year. As many of us are aware, this meant an unbelievable rise in the cost of the whole duration of studies and withdrawn access to student loans for EU Students. Not speaking about exchanges, internships and many amazing opportunities offered by the world-leading UK universities.
What do we do? Why do we need your help?
We decided to step up and take action! With the help of our supporters, we developed a new comprehensive EU-UK university student mobility scheme. It aims to help young adults to undertake studies in the United Kingdom and counteract the negative effects that Brexit has on EU students’ education. Now as our petition was positively received at the meeting of the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament, we need your support to bring words into action.

Aim: the creation of an EU-UK university student mobility scheme to reinstate the advantages of Erasmus+, covering tuition, visa, healthcare and living costs. 

Set-up: launched and coordinated by the Federation of Polish Student Societies in the UK, supported by representative university student communities from 27 EU Member States such as the Hungarian Youth Association as a strategic partner. 

Goals: to ensure 4 key costs are covered for EU exchange students in the UK- UK Student visa (6 months): ~€400 ( £348 = ~1800 zł) 

  • Immigration health surcharge: ~€540 / year (£470 = ~2400 zł) Tution fees: to cover the imbalance between institutional tuition fees. Living costs: covering accommodation, maintenance and travel. 

Tool: a European Parliament petition leading to a fact-finding visit, leading to a mission report, followed by an own initiative report calling for a motion for a resolution calling on the European Commission and European Council to act.


after BREXIT, we need a new EU-UK university student mobility scheme! 

Petition goal: #SaveEUStudents via creating an EU-UK university student mobility scheme to reinstate the advantages of Erasmus+, covering tuition, visa, healthcare and living costs. 

Summary of cause: currently, there are 170,000 EU students in the UK, among them ~14,000 EU Erasmus+ students. The situation of EU students in the UK will fundamentally change as a result of BREXIT and the UK’s withdrawal from Erasmus+. EU university students will no longer be eligible from 2021/22 onward for home fee status, bursaries, and UK government-sponsored student loans. Losing home fee status means that tuition fees for EU students studying in the UK will rise to unaffordable amounts for the vast majority of young EU citizens. For example: at the University of Oxford, EU students will have to pay the ‘Overseas’ rate, meaning tuition fees for undergraduate courses will increase from currently ~10,500 EUR (9,250 GBP) per year to up to ~42,500 EUR (37.510 GBP) per year. Until now, EU students could take up generous UK government-sponsored ‘Student Finance England’ loans to help cover their tuition fee and living costs: to do so now, they must live in the UK for 5 years. Without UK government-sponsored student loans, according to a survey, 84% of prospective EU students will “definitely not” study in the UK. Currently, the studies of approximately 55.700 EU youth depend heavily on student loans, an opportunity no longer available for future talented prospective students. Additionally, without bursaries, EU students in the UK will be significantly worse off: living costs will significantly increase for EU students in the UK from 2021 onward, as they will have to pay ~400 EUR (348 GBP) for a UK Student Visa and ~530 EUR (470 GBP) per year for as an “Immigration Health Surcharge”. Until now, those EU students whose household income did not reach certain threshold amounts were eligible until now to receive means-tested bursaries to help cover living costs. For example, at UCL, students with a household income below ~18,000 EUR could gain a ~3,700 EUR “UCL undergraduate bursary”. In order to avoid a wipe-out of our flourishing cross-channel EU-UK university student relations, #SaveEUStudents calls for the European Parliament to ensure EU university students who cannot afford to study in the UK after the end of Erasmus+ to have the necessary EU financial support to undertake exchange student studies. Our request: the creation of a comprehensive EU-UK student mobility scheme programme for EU university students currently studying in the UK and those hoping to study in the UK, which can help cover tuition fees and living costs. 

Proposed solution: we call on our European Parliament to propose a new EU-UK university student mobility scheme to reinstate the advantages of Erasmus+. This should grant students a means-tested opportunity to gain funding to cover the tuition fee, a UK Student visa (~€400), the immigration health surcharge (~€540) and living costs (including travel, accommodation and maintenance costs). In order to achieve this aim, the European Parliament’s Committee on Petitions (PETI), should organise a fact-finding visit to the UK to ascertain the difficult situation of EU students. We ask for a mission report to be authored setting out possible recommendations on how to create an EU-UK university student mobility scheme. Once the recommendations of the mission report have been adopted, we ask that an own initiative report be authored with the involvement of the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) as an associated Committee. Once the own initiative report is authored, we ask that a short motion for a resolution to Parliament be tabled on it. We ask for the President of the European Parliament to forward this resolution on how to create a new EU-UK university student mobility scheme to the European Commission and European Council.



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