UCL Leaders: Poland in a Global World 2020

The fourth edition of UCL LEADERS: POLAND IN A GLOBAL WORLD, an interdisciplinary conference distinguished by the magnitude of attending specialist and diversity of its audience.

Here at Leaders, we see things as entangled and co-existing.
That is why at the conference the organisers take a broader perspective on politics, economy, culture, technology and environment – this year in the scope of sustainability. In the panels they aim to engage in fruitful discussions facilitated by transdisciplinary perspectives, open-mindedness and concrete agenda enabling us to unveil and examine the factors influencing Poland’s past, present and future.

But wait! This is only the tip of the iceberg! UCL Leaders aim to push the limits of your imagination as we showcase, and simultaneously undermine, the complex web of intermingling relationships between the underlying principles governing our contemporary society. Questions will undoubtedly arise and notions will be made – Politics is culture, is all art political? Do we live with technology or is technology how we live? The prosperity of one or the good of many?

This year’s edition of the conference is governed by two underling concepts, ‘interdisciplinarity’ and ‘sustainability’. But how do we perceive these ideas? Concerning interdisciplinarity we aim, by the synthesis and interplay of different perspectives, to build new knowledge and understanding. Sustainability, as we see it, is taking this entanglement and assuring that bonds are maintained for as long as possible. It’s basically like an elephant balancing on a ball. This is not only an intergenerational issue but also an intercommunity in terms of geographic and socio-economic conditions, and as this matter is very close to our hearts, we decided to make it the theme of the upcoming edition.

Every year the organisers do their best to invite the most influential, inspiring and creative speakers. This year is no exception! UCL Leaders are proud to say that all their esteemed guests are true leaders in their respective fields sharing their unique knowledge and first-hand experiences in the hope of inspiring the world’s brightest youths.

Here at Leaders, everyone is welcome!
Even though the conference is a student initiative, every year it also attracts dozens of young professionals and specialists interested in Polish affairs. They are expecting to see participants of diverse nationalities coming from across Europe and the UK creating a truly fantastic networking opportunity for all. This year it is going to be bigger, better and more lavish than ever before! Over 350 participants, countless speakers, distinguished specialist, striking venue, irresistible food and an unforgettable After Party!

Come along! You don’t want to overlook this fantastic opportunity!

WHEN: 17 Jan at 17:00 – 19 Jan at 03:00
WHERE: UCL, Gower Street, AL2 1 London