732 instrumentalists, 16 singers, 1 song – what a concert! VIDEO

Who could have known that 748 people would sound so good together in 1 song, while being in 748 different places? Lockdown showed all of us that it is more than possible.

Adam Sztaba, a well-known Polish composer and music producer, came up with an idea to create his own version of “Co Mi Panie Dasz” (a popular Polish song released in 1982 by a band called Bajm) and engage as many artists as possible in this project. He wrote a post online asking any amateur and/or professional musicians to participate. He also reached out to some famous Polish singers and asked them the same question. All of the artists had 6 days to make a video of themselves playing/singing their parts and to send it to Adam Sztaba. His amazement seemed endless as he saw 732 videos flood in, which combined with 16 videos from the singers equals 748 videos to compile into one.

Sztaba passed the massive task of mixing all of the videos with sound to his two trusted colleagues and after 2 weeks the whole clip was ready. But there is something even more amazing about this project. The instrumentalists had no idea that in the final outcome they were going to be joined by the singers. The singers were not aware of the instrumentalists either; it was all kept a secret from all the participants until the premiere of the video. Well, the audience’s reaction to the official music video released on the 29th of April 2020 was a huge surprise too – even Adam Sztaba himself didn’t expect more than 4 million views in less than a week. When asked what is the most unique part of this arrangement of the song, Sztaba mentioned the fact that these are 732 musicians who do not know each other and all have completely different musical backgrounds, some of them are amateurs while others have been playing for years. Also, Beata Kozidrak, the lead singer of the band Bajm, shared the new version of her song on her social media saying that she is more than happy to see how such a project made her song, which was already relatable to all Polish people, absolutely timeless.

If you want to have a look at this amazing lockdown version of an old Polish hit, you can find the link below:

Wiktoria Lewandowska

Zdjęcia: Facebook @adamsztaba.official