A plaque commemorating WWII Hero General Władysław Anders was unveiled at Ognisko Polskie

Poland’s ambassador to Italy Anna Maria Anders has commemorated her father General Władysław Anders, the Polish wartime Hero and post-war community leader, at Ognisko Polskie. 

Today, on 24th June 2021 a plaque commemorating World War II hero General Władysław Anders was unveiled at Ognisko Polskie – Polish Hearth as a tribute to his many years spent in exile following the Second World War. Stripped by the communists of his citizenship and rank, General Anders remained prominent in the  Polish Government in exile based in London. A soldier turned politician and community leader.  

The Anders Army consisted of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children who had made the arduous journey from imprisonment by Stalin’s regime in Siberian Gulags through Persia, Palestine and Northern Africa, then on through to Italy as the renowned Polish II Corps and victory at Monte Cassino. In 1945 came defeat in victory for Poland where under the Yalta Conference an Allied victory over Germany issued a life in exile or under Soviet occupation for the Polish Nation.  

In 1946 Władysław Anders became General Inspector of the Armed  Forces and devoted his life to serving the Polish Community which remained in Great Britain and around the free world. Many of his personal effects are held on display at the Polish Institute and  Sikorski Museum.  

From the left: George Byczynski, Anna Maria Anders, Maciej Kielanowski, Maria Byczynski, Mateusz Stąsiek, Artur Haftman, Julian Bogacki

SW7 has been a very important area code in London for the Polish  Community since 1939 when the Polish Club (originally established in 1917) moved into the Polish House at 55 Prince’s Gate. It was at  “Ognisko” that Polish society, culture and identity continued after the war becoming a home away from home, a second Poland in the heart of London.

General Władysław Anders was always in attendance at Ognisko at many functions, spectacles and events which were held in the ballroom, relaxing in the restaurant at his favourite table or playing cards in the salon.

Gen. Anders was also one of the initiators of the Bronze Relief on the façade of the building commemorating the Hungarian Uprising of 1956.  

“At our table and in our hearts  

At our home away from home  

Our forefathers’ exodus to exile  

Our memory of lands not far away  

We remember those left behind  

We are the Children of Anders”


From the editor: The British Poles portal has initiated the gifting of the plaque commemorating General Władysław Anders to Ognisko Polskie.

Source: Ognisko Polskie – Polish Hearth

Pictures: British Poles


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