Adjournment Debate on the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Daniel Kawczynski MP had secured an Adjournment debate, which took place last month. The topic of the debate was the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Daniel Kawczynski MP received cross-party support on his speech, which was attended by Chris Bryant MP, Colonel Bob Stewart MP and Julian Lewis MP, the Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee, amongst others. Minister Morton responded on the FCDO’s behalf. 

In his speech, Daniel Kawczynski MP has argued that the direct pipeline from the Russian Federation to Germany would strip the United Kingdom’s Central and Eastern European allies off the protection which their transit-state status currently provides them with and would enable Russia to use energy security as a political weapon – thereby endangering the cohesion of the NATO alliance as well. He urged the Government to impose sanctions on the pipeline and engage with the Three Seas Initiative on a strategic level, which may balance the effects of the region’s reliance on Russian gas out. 

Daniel Kawczynski MP has said: 

“We are now an independent sovereign nation state. We are also a permanent member of the UN Security Council—a privilege peculiar to only five countries in the world—as well as the fifth largest economy in the world and arguably the strongest military power on our continent. With those extraordinary privileges and attributes for Britain come extraordinary responsibility, and that is why I believe this Government must now take a lead on our continent in having this project stopped.”

“The two countries that this pipeline will violate most are indeed Ukraine and Belarus. The Government are trumpeting their agreement with the Ukrainians on the Government website, saying just this month,

“UK and Ukraine sign Political, Free Trade and Strategic Partnership”.

How can we sign a strategic partnership with the Ukrainians while at the same time kicking the chair from underneath them, by allowing the one last power that they have over the Russians—the fact that they have to export their gas from Ukraine—not to happen? This agreement it is not going to be worth the paper it is written on, if this project is allowed to come to a conclusion.”

Minister Morton has said: 

“I know that some ask whether the UK could be doing more to oppose Nord Stream 2, and my hon. Friend the Member for Shrewsbury and Atcham has put forward some interesting proposals. The UK welcomes the efforts of the three seas initiative to promote co-operation and development across central and eastern Europe, and we are open to the possibility of expanding the UK’s interaction with that group. I reassure Members that we will continue to share our concerns about Nord Stream 2 with key partners.”

Source: Hansard