FBI raids Russian bot farm aimed at spreading disinformation about Poland

The information was published in a press statement by the US Justice Department. According to the FBI, a bot farm consisting of around 1000 X accounts was spreading misinformation, including manipulated historical information about Poland’s western territories being “a gift from Stalin”. 

The Justice Department showed screens of the fake accounts pretending to be controlled by US citizens and provided commentary for the false narrative spread by the troll accounts.

The account that was specifically aimed at spreading disinformation about Poland was showing: “A purported resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, posted a video of President Putin discussing his belief that certain geographic areas of Poland, Ukraine, and Lithuania were “gifts” to those countries from the Russian forces that liberated them from Nazi control during World War II.”

The posted video showed a sentence claiming that “Poland was Stalin’s gift to the Poles”.

It is important to remember that after the 2 World War Poland was stripped of more than ⅓ of its territory, and huge numbers of Polish population for the benefit of the victorious Soviet Union. This country invaded Poland in 1939 as Hitler’s ally. 

The post-war borders of Poland were decided at the Yalta conference on which the question of the future of the Polish state was decided between Stalin, the UK and the US. The western territories of nowadays Poland, the so-called “Reclaimed lands” were given to the country as retribution for those lost to the Soviet Union, which consisted of the most important, predominantly Polish cities such as Vilnius and Lviv. Therefore saying that the western lands were a “gift from Stalin” is both false (as the decision was concluded during a multilateral conference) and came as a consequence of an unlawful aggression on Polish territories perpetrated by the Soviet Union. 

As a result of all those decisions Poland lost its crucial territories in the East and was compensated with its historic territories in the West, controlled by Germany for several centuries, but now being devastated by Soviet troops. The Polish settlers had to rebuild both the cities (like Wrocław-Breslau or Głogów-Glogau) and industry (in Silesia) with no help from foreign powers that could be compared to f.e. the Marshall Plan. Even after that, the coal resources were predominantly exploited in an uneconomic scheme within the Soviet Bloc economy.

Other fake accounts were spreading Russian propaganda saying that the war in Ukraine is not a “territorial conflict” but a Russia’s struggle against the “New World Order” and that the Ukrainian army is much less dependent on foreign volunteers than it is being said in public.

You can read the full Justice Department statement here: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-leads-efforts-among-federal-international-and-private-sector-partners

The Justice Department informed that the activities perpetrated by the Russian special service – FSB – were in clear breach of international and US domestic law, concerning the  International Emergency Economic Powers Act and federal money laundering laws.

State prosecutor offices around the US are now investigating the cybercrime case with the cooperation of a dedicated unit of US counterintelligence dealing with cyber warfare.


Photo: Pixabay/Tumisu

Tomasz Modrzejewski



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