Help Those Who Helped Jews

December 18, 2019

In Nazi-occupied Poland, Germans introduced a death penalty for anyone who would help a Jew. It wasn’t just the “helper” who would die, but also his or her whole family. During those dark hours of the Second World War, there were many who were brave enough to aid the Jews, who were at the time hunted, tortured and mass murdered.

Those, who did not fear death and despite the threats still aided their Jewish friends and neighbours (sometimes without even knowing them personally), were awarded an honour of the Righteous Among the Nations, the highest recognition by the State of Israel. Poland prides itself with the recognition of 6863 Righteous, more than any country in the world. Some of the Righteous are still alive, but it is out duty to make sure that their heroic acts are not forgotten. From the Depths foundation, with the patronage of British Poles, introduced a free taxi service for the Righteous in Poland. Therefore we are kindly asking our readers to support a call for a fundraiser to keep the taxis running in the future.

The donations for the initiative are paid through Facebook:

Below please read a letter from Jonny Daniels, Founder of the From the Depths:


Over the last year you’ve seen our Silent Hero Taxi run, you’ve seen the posts and probably already know that we run this service as a completely free car service for the Righteous Among The Nations, these incredible heroes, who risked their lives to save their Jewish neighbors during the Holocaust, use these taxis daily, in fact, we are averaging almost 100 hours a week of free rides and coming up to the holiday season the frequency grows.

This car service has truly changed their lives, don’t forget the age range of the Righteous spans from 86 years old to 100! This enables them to be completely mobile without having to rely on public transport in this cold winter!

As you can imagine, these taxis don’t run themselves, we are incredibly fortunate to have great drivers, but it all costs money, and we really do need your help.

So please, if you can donate, truly, every little helps!

All donations go through our fiscal sponsor, The Giving Back Fund, which enables us to keep our costs incredibly low.

Thank you very much!


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