How will the American Polonia vote in US presidential election?

November 3, 2020

It’s time to file away our own electoral preferences and make a cold analysis of the role played by the American Polonia in the service of the Polish nation. During World War II and the Cold War, the American Polonia played a huge role with respect to the political representation of Polish national interests in the United States and in the world.

The political representation of the Polish diaspora was signified by Polish congressmen, Polish-American representatives of federal and state administrations. The Polish press, including Kuryer Polski, constituted an important platform for promoting Polish interests in the United States. Important articles were read on the Capitol and in the White House, and American Polish delegations visited politicians in large numbers in their state offices and in Washington. We had enormous influence on the formation and direct influence of American foreign policy.

It is worth mentioning at this point two names of important Polish politicians in the USA, such as: Klemens Zabłocki, the long-time head of the Foreign Commission of the US Congress, from Milwaukee, who served in Congress for almost 35 years. Another famous politician is Zbigniew Brzeziński. He advised President Johnson and then, as we all know, was the US National Security Adviser under Jimmy Carter. Both of these prominent politicians were associated with the democratic party and, like many other Americans of Polish descent, treated the democratic party as an excellent platform for a political career.

The last Polish chord in American politics was the collection by the President of the Polish American Congress, Edward Moskal, of the famous 9 million signatures on a petition supporting Poland’s accession to NATO. Since then, the democratic party has begun its post-modern retreat from the typical electorate, which also includes Americans of Polish origin. After all, it cannot be that the representatives of the progressive democratic party went to a Catholic church immediately after the Saturday evening meetings on Sunday morning. Joe Biden himself explains this process perfectly in an interview on January 19, 2020 in The New York Times, when he said that Democrats have stopped meeting and soliciting support with significant groups in the United States. This fragment was misinterpreted as offensive to American Poles, and the entire Polish press, without reading the original text, made this statement an anti-Polish act.

But let’s get to the facts. The first fact that the Democrats were disloyal to Americans of Polish descent was the promise made by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the leaders of the American Polonia regarding Polish borders after World War II. As Dr. Ewa Cytowska-Siegrist, author of the book “The United States and Poland 1939-1945” says.“The popular opinion was that Roosevelt was dishonest with Poland, that he had hurt her. My book gives this belief a substantive basis (…) I try to prove in my book that Roosevelt made a certain “deal” with Stalin: he offered him our eastern territories in 1943 for the promise that the Soviet Union would join the future United Nations and start a war with Japan”.

As a result of this arrangement, Poland still did not regain its sovereignty and remained under the Soviet occupation for many long years, being economically exploited and having its patriotic elites successively eliminated. But let’s move on to a time not too far back in the presidency of Barak Obama. From the point of view of American Poles, it was eight ineffective years of struggling with the democratic administration to waive visas for Poles, the proverbial beating of the head against a wall of indifference. Finally, on September 17, 2009, on the very symbolic anniversary for Poles, a stabbing with a knife in the back of the nation, President Barack Obama announced the famous reset with Russia, rejecting the construction of a missile site in Redzikowo. The US withdrawal from European politics caused Poland to return into the grip of the German-Russian partnership. On the other hand, among somewhat chaotic actions, we have a clear policy: strengthening NATO’s eastern flank, deploying American bases in Poland, lifting visas for Poles, starting the construction of the Three Seas Initiative as a permanent, strategic element of the American presence in Eastern Europe.

Despite the assurances of the chief expert of Joe Biden’s staff – Mike Carpenter – about the continuation of actions initiated by the Donald Trump administration in Poland, it is difficult for them to believe, because in politics only facts count and the leading representatives of the democratic party Bill Clinton and Joe Biden himself without stuttering, they compare Poland to the regime in Belarus. Not noticing historical facts, legal conditions, and systemic and social changes that are taking place in Poland after 2015.

It is a pity that the American Polonia, deprived of leadership, was deprived of political support both by the governments in Warsaw and the administration in Washington. All its activities for the benefit of the Polish national interest in American politics are, as usual, the result of the patriotic duty of American Poles towards the “old” Motherland.

Waldemar Biniecki

The article has been firstly published in Kuryer Polski

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