Hugo Vickers – The Queen and ‘The Crown’

Date: 08-04-2021 Hour: 19:00

Event place: online

Ognisko Polskie is delighted to welcome Hugo Vickers presenting a talk via Zoom about Her Majesty the Queen and the recent sensational Netfix series ‘The Crown’.

Described recently by the Financial Times as ‘the most knowledgeable royal historian on the planet’, Hugo Vickers will be talking to us about the Queen and highlighting aspects of her reign before analysing what the makers of ‘The Crown’ are up to in their popular series for Netflix. He confesses to be one of the few people who has never liked the series and in his book, ‘The Crown Dissected’ he has examined each of the forty episodes, separating fact from fiction.

Pointing out the many times that story lines go awry and details are sensationally wrong, he says ‘The fact that it is a beautifully made series, well written and well acted with a first-rate cast makes the whole thing much worse because people believe it to be true’.

Hugo Vickers

Hugo Vickers is well known as a biographer, lecturer and broadcaster, and is an acknowledged expert on the Royal Family.

His first book was about Gladys Deacon, Duchess of Marlborough (1881-1977), in whom he became interested when he was 16 years old. It was recently re-issued as The Sphinx.

He is called upon to commentate on important state occasions, and at times when the Royal Family are in the news. He has covered events from the first wedding of the Prince of Wales, the funeral of Diana, and the Queen Mother, and many royal weddings.

He has written many biographies of 20th century figures, including Cecil Beaton, Vivien Leigh, the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Andrew of Greece, and the Queen Mother. His book, The Quest for Queen Mary, sold 40,000 copies in various forms. He has attacked the episodes of the Netflix series of The Crown – in his book, The Crown Dissected (2019), and added a privately published sequel, covering Season 4.

In May 2021 he will be publishing Malice in Wonderland, with extracts from his own diaries about researching the life of Cecil Beaton.

He has lectured in Windsor Castle, Marlborough House, St James’s Palace, Spencer House, Blenheim Palace, and the British Embassy in Paris, and during lockdown has lectured in Toronto, Palm Beach, New York, San Francisco and Connecticut – all without leaving Wiltshire.

He appeared frequently on Larry King Live between 1997 and 2005, and he had his Andy Warhol moments of fame when he appeared with Stephen Colbert in his programme, My Fair Colbert, about the 2011 royal wedding.

Hugo’s book ‘The Crown Dissected’ (Seasons 1-3) is available on Amazon but the Season 4 edition can be bought only directly from Hugo. If you would like a copy, please email him at

WHEN:7 pm on Thursday 8th April

WHERE: online

TICKET: free


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