“I hope Poland’s example of spending 4% of GDP on defence will inspire others,” says Polish FM

Polish FM Radosław Sikorski was in London on Thursday, delivering a speech at the Conference at King’s College dedicated to defence. 

The main theme of the event was building capabilities to confront global threats. Minister Sikorski also met with his British counterpart, David Cameron. Key topics of discussion included Polish-British cooperation, bilateral relations, preparations for the NATO summit, and support for Ukraine in its struggle.

During his address, Minister Radosław Sikorski pointed out that Polish security policy is based on two complementary pillars – the „decisive role of NATO with strong American leadership and the strengthening European Union„.

“Ukraine’s fight gives Europe time to build deterrence capabilities. Poland, through its defence spending, military modernisation, and support for Ukraine, contributes to ensuring security in Europe […] I hope Poland’s example of spending 4% of GDP on defence will inspire others” – he further emphasised. 

Minister Sikorski also advocated for the broadest possible involvement of the UK in European security structures and EU defence initiatives. He also supported joint investments with Britain in deterrence capabilities needed to combat disinformation, hybrid threats, and cyber threats.

The London Defence Conference 2024, held from on 21-23 May in collaboration with King’s College London, marks the third annual edition of an international geopolitical debate held at Bush House. The central theme of this year’s conference was deterrence. Gathered leaders, politicians, military personnel, academic communities, and industry representatives deliberated on how to strengthen defence and security in an increasingly perilous global environment. 


Image: X (@appgpoland)

Author: Sébastien Meuwissen


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