The last polls indicate that the ruling Conservative party led by Boris Johnson may win the majority, with an average lead of 9-points. The latest figures do not look good for Mr Corbyn and the Labour Party, although they have seen a surge in support in the recent polls. According to the most recent poll, the Conservatives were predicted to win 43% of votes, Labour 33% and the Liberal Democrats 12%.

Veteran political analyst Professor John Curtice and Professor Matthew Goodwin of the University of Kent tell Gary Gibbon from Chanel 4 their predictions for this general election:

In order to be certain of gaining an independent majority, the Conservatives must obtain over 40% of the votes, as well as a 10-point poll lead over the Labour Party. If this happens, Boris Johnson will be able to finalise Brexit by the end of January 2020 on the terms of the deal which the House of Commons approved. If the Conservatives do not get the majority, we are likely to see a hung parliament, which means that no single party would have an overall majority and that there would be no government. Following such an event, political parties would seek to establish a coalition and if that fails, we may be headed for another election. People’s Vote campaign and the Liberal Democrats have mentioned during their speeches that a hung parliament may save Britain, as that is the only chance to stop Brexit.

The election results are expected to start being declared from 11pm tonight.

Source: A. N./Poland Daily/NB