Online discussion: Miracle on the Vistula – Cud Nad Wisłą

Date: 25-08-2020 Hour: 19:00

Event place: London - Ognisko

The Executive Committee of Ognisko Polskie – Polish Hearth invites you to enjoy a digital celebration, discussing the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw, a decisive Polish victory during the Polish-Soviet War and its significant impact and influence on the new international order of post First World War western society.

Was this victory a miracle or a modern military marvel?

Professor Norman Davies and Dr Paul Latawski will both give a short lecture followed by a ‘Hearthside’ discussion (przy Ognisku) chaired by Professor Jerzy Kolankiewicz, with Professor Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski in digital attendance direct from the banks of the Vistula in Warsaw.

For the Zoom link email Ognisko:

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