#PLHeritageDays – Laguna’s Spitfire Legacy

Date: 03-05-2020 Hour: 10:00

In the year of the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, the Polish Embassy UK challenged the public to overcome adversity through the covid virus and instead look at ways of celebrating online.

As a project Laguna’s Spitfire Legacy have a specific focus on the Polish Air Force for the period of the Battle of Britain and subsequent war years.

Laguna’s Spitfire Legacy and Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary Tour Laguna’s Spitfire Legacy 2020 have a heavy focus on Wing Commander Piotr Laguna and 14 Pilots who flew Spitfire P8331 before her loss 27th June 1941.

It is our aim over the day to give interesting historically accurate information through a series of videos which will be screened at scheduled time’s so you may tune in when you want to ask questions or hear specific talks.

In our first and opening welcome Scott Booth, founder of LSL will talk about how the project began and its goals and long term plans.

Portal British Poles is a media patron of the event.

WHEN: May 3rd 2020, from 10:00-10:30



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