Poland was ranked as the world’s 6th most attractive country for investors

Poland has surged back into the top ten countries deemed most appealing to foreign investors, as per a recent survey.

The European Attractiveness Survey, conducted by the EY auditing company, which monitors foreign direct investment (FDI) across 44 nations, indicates that Poland has leapt from its 16th position last year to an impressive sixth place this year.

The survey reveals a nuanced picture of Poland’s FDI landscape. While there has been a marginal 3% decrease in the overall number of FDI projects in the country, there has been a notable uptick in manufacturing projects since 2023.

Poland’s standing becomes even more pronounced when considering the employment opportunities generated by FDI. The nation boasts the fourth-highest number of full-time positions created, tallying at 22,400, reflecting a substantial 21% surge compared to the previous year.

Despite Poland’s commendable performance, the broader context of European FDI paints a different picture. After a two-year post-pandemic resurgence, European FDI is encountering its first downturn in three years.

Throughout 2023, businesses worldwide announced 5,694 greenfield and expansion projects in Europe, marking a 4% decline compared to the preceding year, according to EY’s findings. Additionally, the total number of jobs created in Europe as a result of FDI witnessed a 7% decrease year-on-year, totalling 319,923, according to EY’s data.


Image: Unsplash

Author: Sébastien Meuwissen


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