Poles in the UK commemorate Polish Dependants Hostel Hiltingbury

July 21, 2019

The Polish Dependants Hostel Hiltingbury existed in Chandler’s Ford between 1946-1957. It became a temporary home for Polish soldiers returning from the battlefields of the Second World War, for their families and those freed from forced labor in Germany. Residents upheld Polish traditions, culture and patriotism.

They built a base for a number of organisations that still operate in Southampton, like a Polish Parish, a Polish Saturday School, a folklore group, scouts and the Polish Combatants Association – SPK.

The Southampton Veterans Polish Association would like to build a commemorative plaque at the site of the former camp to keep this memory alive.

Therefore, we are requesting the support of all of Polonia to back this project, which is so important to all of us. The cost of this project is £3000. At present SPPW have raised £600 of the total needed. Currently, the unveiling of the monument is scheduled for September 22, 2019 in accordance with guidelines from The Chandler’s Ford Parish Council. This doesn’t give us much time to raise the remaining funds, but we believe that with your help we can implement our plan. Here you can donate.

In advance, we would like to say a wholehearted Thank You for supporting our Hiltingbury Monument Construction Fund. You are all welcome to the unveiling of the monument!

Portal British Poles is a media patron of the event.

Author: Krystyna Jenvey, President of SPPW Southampton 

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