Polish Heritage Days in Worcester – online edition

Date: 20-05-2020 Hour: 18:00

Polish Heritage Days for us, Poles abroad is an incredibly joyous celebration of our great Polish community. On this day, it is worth realizing that there is about twenty million of us, Poles and people of Polish descent living outside the territory of the Republic of Poland. It is also worth remembering that many generations of Poles went abroad, not only because of the difficult history of Poland, which has been going on for centuries in one way and another.

Each of us has a unique story to tell, each of us had a different reason, which prompted leaving, but we will always be united by our common heritage of national history, our white and red flag, celebrated on May 2, will always express our identity.

Our last year’s Polish Heritage Day in Worcester, Great Britain, turned out to be probably the most extraordinary Polish Heritage Day in the history of all its editions. This ceremony enjoyed enormous interest and after some time it is still discussed and warmly mentioned. Spitfire aircraft placed in the very centre of the city, music stage, historical exhibitions, aircraft flypass over the city center, lectures by famous, worldwide and respected historians, shows, cooking, many attractions for children and adults, an impressive amount of promotional materials, and all this was part of last year’s Polish Heritage Days.

We are all going through an extremely difficult time because of the pandemic that spread around the entire world. Unfortunately, we also had to cancel all events that we have been planning and preparing for a year. This year’s Polish Heritage Day has been moved to virtual reality. The inspiration was my daughter’s idea to build a model of the stage on which the performances were to take place. This actually started an avalanche of ideas, a large part of which we were able to prepare. We have prepared very interesting materials, brochures, films for you, but also took up a very ambitious challenge.

We decided to create a special song along with the music video, hoping that you will like it and that it will become the anthem of Polish Heritage Days. We would like to dedicate this project to the Ambassador, Professor Arkady Rzegocki, his wife Dr Jolanta Rzegocka, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, the Consul General and the Consulate in London because it is the extremely hard work and dedication of the Ambassador and his subordinate facilities which enabled us to have an official and amazing festive way to celebrate the Polish Heritage Days in the UK for 4 years. We truly hope that these difficult moments will end soon and we will be able to meet again in our Polish British group.

It is an extremely difficult time for all of us, that’s why I wholeheartedly ask you to cultivate our sense of community even more.

Therefore, I would like to wish you that we would pass on all these beautiful values to our children, the young generation which was born and grew up abroad. Let’s teach our youngest countrymen Polish language, let’s teach them about Polish culture, art, history, the entire Polish heritage and the values I mentioned earlier.

Portal British Poles is a media patron of the event.

Tomasz Wisniewski, President of the Polish Association


WHEN: 20th May 2020 at 18:00

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