The world stopped… and what now?

April 12, 2020

We are in a constant rush, having a whole list of things to do every single day and getting stressed about it. Even when we take a step back from this run and just watch others, it feels like standing in the middle of a run. Trapped in this marathon we would have never thought anything would make the world stop. And then it stopped. And what now?

What if someone told you a few months ago that soon supermarkets and parks will be the only places open in any town? What if someone told you that a world crisis will happen and it will make the world stop? You wouldn’t believe, would you? Probably none of us, running in our constant marathon, would believe. It would seem surreal that the world itself would allow us to take a breath. Many people struggle to view the whole lockdown time as a chance to take a breath, they still get stressed over not being able to do what they want to do. Other people say that COVID-19 had to happen in order to make people stop running. Even if we don’t agree with the second opinion, we have to admit that it is an inevitable outcome anyway. 

On the internet, especially on social media, we can see how many people don’t know what to do with all the free time that’s just been given to them. People write posts/tweets asking their friends for ideas how to kill the time. Why do you want to kill it? It’s probably the first time in a while when time has been given to you. Use it, don’t try to kill it. So many of us have always been complaining that we don’t get enough free time and that we don’t ever stop our run. The world is telling us to stop the run now, isn’t that what we wanted? Use this time, no matter if you believe that COVID-19 happened because the world wanted us to stop or that the lockdown time is just an unfortunate situation we have to tackle. You can make more good out of your lockdown than you think you can.

Finally, we can spend more time at our houses where normally we spend a couple of hours per day maximum. Finally, we have the time for all of the hobbies that we always wanted to take up and never had the chance to do so. Finally, we can talk to our families/housemates more and make up for all the previous busy times. Finally, we can just sit down and breathe without running to another place that we have to be in at a certain time. We can also just spend some time on our own and there’s nothing bad about it. Many people are pushing this idea away, while it is often the best you can do for yourself in current situation. Take this time to change your mindset, to change the habits you’ve always wanted to change or to become more positive in general. Most importantly, take this time to appreciate the simple things that seem so basic, such as going to work, going to school, going out with your friends. Think about how much you miss it now and how much you were taking it for granted before. 

Be a bit selfish and focus on yourself – fix your sleeping pattern, improve your diet, do some exercises. Or just simply look outside and try to memorise the world as it is now with the streets that normally you would never see empty during daytime and the houses that normally you would never see lit up during nighttime. Do yourself a favour, try to appreciate this world as much as possible because the world we’re used to will come back very soon.  

Wiktoria Lewandowska 

Picture: Wiktoria Lewandowska  and British Poles




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