Tinder profile for British author’s new book about Poland is more popular than him

August 6, 2019

Author Ben Aitken has seen success on a dating app – after setting up a profile for his new book.

The 33-year-old, from Clive Road, Fratton, penned A Chip Shop In Poznan, writing about his experiences living in Poland for a year.

But without a big publisher behind him, he decided to advertise his new book on Tinder under the name ‘Will Read’ – and was amazed when he found himself striking up conversations about reading with seemingly endless women.

The book tells readers about Ben’s experiences of life in Poznan, Poland, where he spent a year working at a chip shop for minimum wage.

Ben said he wants the book to get people thinking differently about Poland.

Selling his book both in Portsmouth and on Amazon, Ben said he wanted to ‘think outside the box’.

He just expected a couple of chats with women about his new book.

But the response he actually got was far greater than that – with a stream of women swiping right.

‘It was meant to just be a bit of fun to meet new readers,’ he said.

‘But I ended up speaking to loads of women – staying in character the entire time – and a few of them ended up buying the book.

‘Will Read is more successful with the ladies than I am, as it turns out.’

Ben travelled to Poland in 2016 to find out why Poles were leaving the country, and ended up making firm friends.

Single Ben said: ‘I wanted to make the most of having free movement before Brexit, and wanted to feel as out of place as some Polish people must do when they move to the UK.

‘One of the things that struck me was the beauty of Poznan – it was a gorgeous town, so vibrant.

‘I kept a diary while I was out there, keeping track of life in a minimum wage job to the colourful political climate of the time.’

The book is available at Waterstones and Amazon.

Portal British Poles was a media patron of the UK book launch with Q&A at Stanford Travel Shop. You can read more about Ben’s book about Poland here.


Author: David George on The News

Pictures: Chris Moorhouse and Ben Aitken

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