93-year old Holocaust survivor called on Israeli Foreign Minister to apologise to the Polish nation

Holocaust survivor, Edward Mosberg, called on Israeli Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, to apologize to the Polish nation. The issue concerns his statement from February 2019 in which he stated that Poles are genetically predisposed to anti-Semitism.

Mosberg commented: “This man uttered these shameful words either out of stupidity or out of hatred, I don’t know why. This is an insult not just towards Poland. It is an insult to all Christians around the world (…) I often go to Israel, but as long as this man apologises or until he is removed from the government, I will not go there again. I always come back to Poland with great pleasure.”

93-year-old Polish Holocaust survivor Edward Mosberg said regarding the speech of the German President: “To say sorry and to ask for forgivness is not enough. The Germans should pay reparations not only to the Jews, but to the Polish Christians as well. What is a difference between a murdered Jew and a murdered Pole? I will never stop talking about it”.

Edward Mosberg was born in Kraków. When the war started he was 13. His whole family was brutally murdered by the Germans and he is the only survivor. He said about German atrocities: “to forget or forgive would mean to kill the victim a second time”.


Source: Poland Daily/NB