Hundreds of Polish volunteers took an oath as recruits of the Territorial Defence Force

On Saturday afternoon, nearly 900 Polish volunteers uttered their military oath to become part of the Territorial Defence Force.

In the city of Kutno alone, over 100 volunteers took this important step in their careers. “You are starting your service for the homeland in one of the most respectable military formations in the history of the world – the Polish Army” –  the Voivode of Łódź Tobiasz Bocheńsk proudly announced to the new recruits.

Nearly 900 volunteers will take their military oath of office this weekend and begin serving in the Territorial Defence Force in the ranks of the Polish Army is an expression of patriotism and love for the homeland. Thank you very much for this attitude. A numerous and modernly equipped army is the assurance of a safe Poland” – Poland’s Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak wrote on his Twitter page.

In turn, newly appointed TDF members underlined their immediate readiness to take action on their own Twitter page. 

We do not live by oaths alone today. Shooting, black and green tactics, specialist training – this is the plan of the Territorials this weekend,” – their short message reads.

The Territorial Defense Forces have been functioning as a separate type of armed forces since 2017. According to the Polish government’s official website, their duties include: presenting deterrence posture, conducting military operations within the Strategic Defence Operation, and coordinating crisis management activities with other parts of the national security system, among other things. 


Image: Twitter (@terytorialsi)

Author: Sébastien Meuwissen

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