OECD statistics: Poland, Lithuania and Hungary with top real wages increase since 2019

Lithuania, Hungary and Poland are the OECD countries with the highest increase in real wages since 2019. Poland has remained Europe’s and the world’s growth champion since the 1990s.

The data was posted on X by Prof. Marcin Piątkowski, a Polish scholar and economist based in Washington DC. Mr Piątkowski is known to publish articles on Polish economic growth and facts about its transformation model as being unique in the world’s economic history. According to Mr Piątkowski Poland is now in its best economic shape in its 1000-year history. 

“Yes, because never in our 1000-year history have we been as rich as we are now. We have never been so close to Western Europe in terms of income levels, quality of life, but also life satisfaction. It wasn’t even so good in the 16th century, because the income level of the elite at that time was only more than half of what it was in the then-richest Italy and the Netherlands. And today, in terms of income including purchasing power, we are at over 80 per cent of the EU average,” Piątkowski said in an interview for forsal.pl.

Photo: barkuk/Pixabay

Tomasz Modrzejewski


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